The best choice against Harsh Winters is Quilted Leather Jackets

Despite the onslaught of jackets made from artificial materials on the market, leather jackets are still in fashion. Contemporary jackets made of artificial material are light and afford you great comfort, but compared to leather jackets, they seem to go out of fashion very quickly and are easily damaged. People who appreciate the value of classic fashion and the rugged strength of leather jackets also prefer them over other kinds of jackets because they bring charm and an elegance that is not found in synthetic jackets.Do you want to learn more? Visit next

For both men and women, quilted leather jackets are crafted and their distinctive pattern and style make them stand out from the rest of the collection. The padded pattern is specially made to trap warm air and since it is a great insulator, the layers are filled with material like down. With its extra fortification, a quilted leather jacket would therefore prove to be a better option for harsh winters. Not only will the quilted design or pockets provide the wearer with added comfort, but they also offer trendy looks as the quilted jackets are crafted in various patterns and designs.

The classic sheepskin aviator is another popular type of leather jacket. These were first developed and produced by Leslie Irvin in 1926 when he started a manufacturing unit in the United Kingdom, and during World War II he rapidly became the primary supplier of jackets. As the demand for these jackets grew, Irvin employed sub-contractors to satisfy the demand that resulted in subtle color, design and style variations. As technology advanced and heavy bombing raids were carried out in Europe from altitudes over 25,000 feet, the altitudes of the aircraft operations increased, so the crews were exposed to temperatures hovering below minus 50 degrees. The cabins were not insulated, so there was a need for a thick leather jacket that could withstand extreme cold temperatures.

Today, with the current demand for fashion jackets, an aviatrix leather jacket of a contemporary design is popular and you can buy them from multiple stores, but it is always advisable that these jackets be made according to specifications. There are many reasons why this is advisable, and the suit is one of these reasons. A readymade leather jacket can not suit the individual’s dimensions, and badly fitted leather jackets give the appearance that the wearer is hanging on them. Snug fitted jackets are more capable of trapping heat than loose ones. Regardless of whether they are male or female, a beautifully tailored leather jacket will bring charm to the person who wears it.