The Life-Saving Child Protection Solution: Infant Safety Gates

In every home with infants or toddlers running about, baby safety gates are a must-have. Kid gates are most often used at the top of the stairs to keep small children from falling down and being seriously injured. This easily avoidable accident is becoming more frequent across the world, and it can be easily avoided with the proper installation of a baby gate.Learn more by visiting Remote Forklift Trainer Courses

Child gates are designed to fit between the frames of doorways and the tops of stairwells. This is the most famous area where injuries occur. To instal and mount correctly, child proofing gates need handrails or a wall.

Baby safety gates aren’t just for stairwells and doorways. You will also find baby gates that are specifically designed to isolate windows in order to reduce the chance of a child dropping out. These child proofing gates are normally permanently fixed to the window frame, making them secure. When it comes to child proofing, windows are often ignored. They are becoming increasingly popular as a location that requires special consideration when properly child proofing a house.

Many fireplaces present a significant challenge for parents and their children. A KidCo baby gate, also known as a KidCo HearthGate, can be inclined or curved around the hearth, much like many other fireplace gates, so that KidCo baby gate mount in to the wall and then provide protection against flames, fire, heat, and sharp corners.

Baby gates are made to hold your infant or toddler away from potentially dangerous areas or circumstances. Stairwells, kitchens, utility rooms, and any other place that has not yet been “baby-proofed” fall into this category. Until purchasing a child proofing gate, it is best to read the manufacturer’s specifications. This ensures that it will fulfil the exact function for which it was created.